Frequently Asked Questions

What are your delivery areas?

Our delivery zone includes Charleston, Mt Pleasant, West Ashley, James Island, North Charleston, Sullivan’s Island/IOP, and Folly Beach. If you fall outside our delivery area, please use the contact us page to see if something can be arranged.

Do I have to be home for delivery?

No, your food will be packaged with cooler packs and insulated and left on your doorstep

Where is my food prepared?

All of our cooking is done at our licensed professional kitchen located at 5600 Rivers Avenue by Servsafe certified chefs.

Is there a deadline for ordering?

Yes, order by noon on Saturday for delivery the following Monday


I missed the order deadline. Must I starve?

Probably not. Contact us and we can see what can be arranged.

How do I heat my meals?

The microwave is the easiest. The BPA free containers your meals come packaged in are microwaveable or you can transfer your meal to a plate and reheat it. You can also use an oven or toaster oven if you transfer the food to a metal or glass container.

How long will the food last?

While the South Carolina DHEC allows prepared foods to be served for up to seven days, we prefer that you enjoy it sooner than that since our food has no preservatives. If you do not plan on eating it within four days we suggest freezing it.

Can meals be frozen?

Yes, the containers are freezer safe. Just wrap in plastic wrap first to prevent freezer burn.

Is there a minimum order?

The minimum order is $50.00

Can you accommodate allergies/preferences?

Yes, let us know on the order. If there is an issue due to cooking methods (soups etc) we will contact you.

I see two different portion sizes, which one should I order? Do you offer lunches?

The regular portion size is 6 oz of protein and lots of vegetables perfectly portioned to keep you slim and properly fueled. For most people, especially those trying to lose weight, this is the ideal portion size and works well for both lunch and dinner. We also offer large size meals for big eaters or those with high levels of fitness activity or other goals.

Do you offer catering?

Yes, Chef Mason has extensive experience catering functions of all types and sizes and we would be happy to help make your event a success. Please see our Catering page.

I would like to lose weight quickly/follow an intensive workout regimen/follow a specific diet/doctor orders/etc. Can you design a complete plan and prepare all the meals necessary?

Absolutely. Goal specific eating plans are fully customized for each client’s needs, preferences, and goals. Please use the contact us page to inquire.

Can I lose weight?

Yes, most people that switch from the standard American diet to one based on clean whole foods, low carbs, and healthy fats lose weight. If you would like a meal plan specifically desinged for weight loss, your food preferences, and activity level, please contact us.

Is all your produce organic?

No. Using exclusively organic produce would be too cost prohibitive and it doesn’t need to be. Items like those in the “dirty dozen” such as bell peppers, lettuces, and celery that have the highest levels of residual pesticides are always organic. Items that are deemed safe from residual pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides such as onions and broccoli are purchased from conventional producers. Additionally, we grow a small amount of our own produce and purchase some from small local growers and these sources, while using very clean and natural organic methods, are not certified to be labeled as “organic”. We offer our customers clean and safe foods and are committed to the research required to ensure that the proper foods are selected.

What if something is wrong with my order?

If there was a mix up, please either call or email and we resolve the issue. 100% Customer satisfaction is our goal.

What if I do not like one of my meals?

Let us know and we will credit the item. Please give us a chance to remedy the situation with a refund/replacement before reporting to social media. Customer satisfaction is a goal we strive for everyday and appreciate the opportunity to rectify the issue.

I want to learn how to cook. Do you teach?

Yes, Chef Mason create a customized lesson plan for either in-home instruction or at our kitchen. Lessons are designed with the student’s goals and skill level in mind and can offer instruction in the techniques of healthy cooking, foundational skills, American, Southern, Classical, French, Mediterranean, and Asian cuisines.