Meet Chef Mason Mullock

Chef Mason Mullock

My 28 year culinary career began at age 14 when I was hired at the Virginia Hotel in Cape May, New Jersey. After four years of intensive training under James Beard Award winning Chef Christopher Hubert, I enrolled in the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York. While attending culinary school, I completed an externship at the Ritz-Carlton, Amelia Island and was hired there upon graduation. I eventually returned to Cape May to be on the opening team as Chef de Cuisine at the historic Congress Hall Hotel. My next position was as Head Banquet Chef at the Atlantis Resort and Casino on Paradise Island, Bahamas. At the Atlantis I oversaw a culinary team of 40 chefs and executed up to 50 functions daily, some over 1000 guests. Later I worked for their other property, Resorts Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey as the Chef of one of their gourmet restaurants. Eventually I moved to Europe (every Chef’s dream!) and became the Executive Chef of the Clelia II, a boutique luxury cruise ship carrying 150 passengers based in Athens, Greece. The Clelia II sailed the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean stopping in France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Turkey, Tunisia, Morocco, Malta, Gambia, Senegal, Canary Islands, Romania, Ukraine, and of course the Greek Islands. Shopping at local markets each day for fresh seafood and produce, dining out, and writing and preparing menus based on the local cuisine gave me a true love of French, Italian, and Mediterranean cuisines. Any free time ashore was spent working for free(and learning!) in restaurants throughout the region. I also traveled extensively in Eastern Europe and Russia. There I learned the cuisine while staying with local families and exploring the markets. I eventually returned to America and made Charleston, South Carolina home. I spent 15 years as the Executive Chef for a multi unit company doing high end functions in the area specializing in creative Lowcountry and Southern Cuisine. In that time I fell in love with the Lowcountry and the cuisine of the south.


I always had an interest in healthy cuisines and it was a part of my training since the beginning. That casual interest turned practical after my wife was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. Not satisfied with the results from pharmaceuticals and conventional treatment, I began an intensive study of nutrition based approaches to autoimmune conditions. I studied Clean Eating, Paleo/Primal, Whole 30, Autoimmune Protocol, Keto, and many others. Eventually we developed the style I use here at Eating Clean Prepared- clean natural ingredients, low carbs, quality non inflammatory fats, no modern wheat, moderate protein and lots of vegetables. Another challenge was preparing food that we actually wanted to eat. This is where my lifelong culinary training and international experience became so valuable. Food cannot be just fuel for the body or medicine, it is also about enjoyment. The results were dramatic. Despite a serious hypothyroid condition, my wife felt great, had steady consistent energy levels, and so far has ran her second half marathon. Changing my style of eating yielded great results as well. I lost 40 pounds in a five month period and it seemed almost effortless. Creating meals that make eating healthy enjoyable, making weight loss easy, and helping people feel great became my passion. After serving my personal chef clients for some time, I opened Eating Clean Prepared. I hope I can work with you to achieve your health and fitness goals and help make healthy eating convenient and enjoyable.